Long have we waited for a big shopping center tycoon game that would follow the footsteps of the 15-year-old Mall Tycoon franchise. We can now leave that statement behind, as I’d like to announce a new game on the horizon: Mall Craze.

Build, Customize, and Manage your mall in one big simulation.

First, you build your shopping center the way you like. With the game’s building system, you will be able to easily recreate your favorite malls, and even create your own unique and creative designs.

No two shops are the same and it should be the case in Mall Craze as well. Customizing objects and colors is just one of the steps in making your shopping center truly yours.

Now is the right time to roll up your sleeves and become a Tycoon giant. Without this crucial part, your creation would just be a nice building that is beautiful to look at. Manage your staff, products, and prices. Advertise, research, expand, and enjoy the ride on your way to success.

Early development screenshot


Besides your classic everyday shop, you should expect:

  • Shops in the middle of the walkway
  • Services (barber, bank services, …)
  • Restaurants, coffee shops and fast foods
  • Movie Theater, Fitness Center
  • Small mall events: concerts and presentations

Mall Craze launches for PC in 2021 and will need your support on Kickstarter in February/March this year.
Until then, follow the development closely on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.