Mall Craze Press Kit

On this page, you will hopefully find all the necessary information about the game.
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Milan Timčenko,
Ostrava, Czech Republic

Release date

2022, to be announced

Supported platforms

Windows – Steam


To be announced, $25 – $35
Free updates

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Mall Craze is a tycoon game where you build your own Shopping Center.
You are an entrepreneur and you’ve always dreamed about running your Mall. In the game, you experience all 3 stages of creating a successful business. First, you build your shopping center the way you like. Then, you customize everything there is to customize – this way, the mall is really yours. Now is the time to unlock your entrepreneurial skills and run the whole center. Manage, advertise, expand, and most importantly, enjoy your Mall Craze.


  • modular building system
  • multi-store buildings
  • restaurants, movie theaters, fitness center
  • mall events – concerts, shows


If I had to pick one video game genre that I played the most, it would probably be the simulation/tycoon genre. Playing the original Zoo Tycoon, I got hooked right away. From that moment on, I probably played more than a dozen games that would fit the formula. With the passion for the genre, I started working on Mall Craze with one reason in particular – it’s the game I want to play! With my programming experience from high school and university and with my freelance experience in graphic design, I set myself an ambitious goal.



Download Images (ZIP 5.6 MB)
Download Images (ZIP 5.6 MB)